April 21, 2021


General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations

New members affiliated to GAAPSF 新会员加入亚太体育总会大家庭

New members affiliated to GAAPSF 新会员加入亚太体育总会大家庭

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17/03/2020 GAAPSF News:

The EC of the GAAPSF approved and accepted today the membership application of the following four international, continental and national sports federations: 1)International Kempo Federation; 2) International Association of Combative Sports (IACS); 3) Asian O-Sport Federation (AOSF); 4) Pacific Sports Federation India (PSFI), which become members of the GAAPSF. The are welcome to the GAAPSF family!


亚太体育总会执委会今天通过了以下四个国际、洲际及国家体育联合会的入会申请,包括:1)国际拳法连盟;2)国际格斗运动协会;3)亚洲障碍运动联合会 及 4)印度太平洋体育联合会。欢迎该四个联合会加入亚太体育总会大家庭。

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