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Venue: WSU Macau Center
16 Floor, Macau Daily Building, MACAU SAR

E-driven multidisciplinary convergence: educationcultural tourismsports industry


The World Sports University (Macao) Committee will host its 2nd Annual Journal of Educational and Technology Innovation (JETI) International Conference: e-driven multidisciplinary convergence: Education & cultural tourism, sports industry on April 8, 2023 in Macao, China.

This conference promises to be a dynamic and thought-provoking event, bringing together experts from various fields to explore the intersection of education, cultural tourism, and sports. To further analyze the complex problems and disseminate knowledge, this conference will provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration, with a focus on the role of technology and data in driving innovation and improving outcomes in these fields.

Liaising between academia and society, this conference is for scientists, scholars, teaching practitioners, and students in various disciplines worldwide to exchange ideas, present ongoing research, and foster academic relations. With the number of renowned speakers invited and lectures presented, the “Best Paper Awards” will be evaluated and awarded to the most significant contributor to this conference.

The 2nd Annual JETI International Conference creates the intellectual space to share knowledge and experiences on innovative and multidisciplinary practices among communities and society about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. We will focus on the following aspects:

• The significance of leveraging technology and e- driven approaches to improve learning outcomes

• The convergence of disciplines through e-driven paths, such as meta-sports, meta-universe, etc.

• The revolutionization of cultural tourism and sports industries in sustainable and responsible practices

The exchange of ideas will contribute to the development of innovative actions and their implementation at all levels of education, cultural tourism, and sports industries.

The 2nd Annual JETI International Conference will bring together:

• Representatives of 20 university alliances

• Representatives of the Research Center for Higher Education

• Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and companies

• Students and school education representatives

The conference will offer a unique opportunity for participants to share their views on education and innovation, explore the frontiers of E-driven multidisciplinary convergence with policymakers, and actively contribute to shaping future actions.

• Data mining and student assessment • Personalised learning

• Education software, applications, and technology • Learning analytics

• Data-driven decision-making • Cultural heritage and preservation

• Sustainability and responsible tourism • Cultural exchange and education

• Marketing and tourism development • Public policy and governance

• Sports science and performance evaluation • Sports management and administration

• Sports marketing and sponsorship • Sports and society

• Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

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