European Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships Held in Budapest, Hungary

The European Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships were held in Budapest, Hungary. The 3rd International Classic Physique Championships and the 13th WBPF European Fitness and Bodybuilding Championships were successfully held in Budapest, Hungary last month. In addition to the host country, Austria, Italy, Georgia, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine sent representatives to participate in this prestigious championship, and Pakistan also sent athletes to the Classic Physique Championships.

Women's fitness and bodybuilding is very popular in Europe, and the competition in the various women's events is fierce. 





The event was held over two days, with 150 athletes competing on the first day and 110 on the second day. The host country Hungary won the overall team championship, Austria took second place, and Italy placed third. 

Mr. Chetan Pathare, Secretary General of the World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation (WBPF), attended the event and presented awards to the winning teams and athletes, accompanied by Mr. Axel Baur, President of the European Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation (EBPF), and Mr. Tamás Vladar, President of the Hungarian Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (HBPF).