Equatorial Guinea Olympic Committee and Sports Federation Representatives Meet with EC Chairman of GAWSF

Macau, China - Pedro Nguema, Vice President of the Equatorial Guinea Chamber of Commerce and President of the Esports Federation, recently paid a visit to the General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF) Macau Center on behalf of the Chairman of the Equatorial Guinea Olympic Committee and representatives of the Sports Federation. This visit was met with a warm reception from Dr. Che Kuong Hon, the President of GAWSF Executive Committee.

During the meeting, Pedro Nguema expressed the desire for the World Sports Federation's support in the development of esports in Equatorial Guinea. Recognizing the growing popularity and influence of esports globally, he emphasized the importance of fostering its growth in his country. Dr. Che Kuong Hon, understanding the potential of esports and its impact on the sports industry, agreed to extend support within the permitted scope. He also proposed collaboration through the World Sports University to facilitate academic exchanges between Equatorial Guinea's scholars and students with domestic universities, further promoting sports education and research.

The meeting between Equatorial Guinea's representatives and the EC Chairman of GAWSF signifies a positive step towards enhancing Equatorial Guinea's position in the global sports community. By seeking support and collaboration from international sports organizations, Equatorial Guinea aims to cultivate and promote its sports culture, particularly in the rapidly evolving field of esports.

As the General Association of World Sports Federations serves as a platform for cooperation and exchange among various sports federations worldwide, this visit presents an opportunity for Equatorial Guinea to tap into the knowledge and resources of a global network. The collaboration with GAWSF can potentially contribute to the growth and professionalization of sports in Equatorial Guinea, ultimately benefiting athletes, enthusiasts, and the overall sports industry in the country.