TAFISA Explores Collaboration Opportunities in Macau

The Executive Committee of theThe Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) received an invitation to attend the ASFAA Congress held in Macau from March 14th to 17th, 2024. Concurrently, the TAFISA held its own Executive Committee meeting in Macau.

The objectives of the TAFISA align closely with those of the GAWSF, presenting ample opportunities for collaboration between these two global sports organisations. On March 16th, 2024, Mr. Jean-Francois Laurent, the Secretary-General of TAFISA, along with Executive Committee members Mr. Max Tamazawa and Mr. Marco Tomasini, who also serves as the Vice President of the GAWSF and its Representative in Europe, visited the headquarters of the GAWSF. Their purpose was to engage in discussions with Mr. Che Kuong Hon, the President of the federation, and the Executive Committee, exploring potential areas of future cooperation.

Accompanied by Mr. Wong Po-kei, an Executive Committee member of ASFAA (Asia Sport for All Association) and the First Vice President of the GAWSF, as well as Mr. Che Kuong Hon, the President of the GAWSF, the delegation further visited Macau Daily. They were warmly received by Mr. Lu Bo, the President of the newspaper, and Ms. Wu Ting, the Office Director. During the visit, Mr. Lu Bo introduced the sports section of Macau Daily, which actively supports the development of mass sports policies implemented by the Macau Special Administrative Region government. He also highlighted the multicultural aspect of Macau, aiming to enhance TAFISA's understanding of the region.

Mr.Laurent expressed Macau's strong support for events such as the "World Challenge Day" and expressed the hope for increased future collaboration to jointly promote sports for all, bringing health and joy to the general public while striving to build a better world. With regard to promotional efforts, TAFISA hopes that the media will not solely concentrate on international major sports events, but will also recognise and endorse media outlets that actively contribute to the promotion of sports for all by issuing distinguishing labels. Mr.Laurent commended the significant contributions made by Macau Daily in advancing and publicising sports activities, suggesting that Macau Daily has the potential to become the first media outlet outside of Europe to be awarded such a label.

The TAFISA and the GAWSF have reached a consensus to strengthen their cooperation in the future, working together to advance inclusive sports and fitness for all. Additionally, both international sports organisations are committed to exploring the integration of e-sports and traditional physical sports.