The 4th Thailand Masters Games Concludes with Wonderful Memories

The 4th Thailand Masters Games, also known as TOMG, came to a remarkable close, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable memories and heartwarming moments. The international senior sports competition took place over a period of nine days in Chiang Mai province, attracting over 3,300 senior athletes from 32 countries to participate in 17 different sports.

This year's event exceeded expectations, with an impressive turnout of 552 foreign athletes, making it the largest gathering of international participants in the history of the tournament. The Thailand Masters Games, certified as a competition organized by The General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF), stands as a testament to its high standard and global recognition.

What sets the Thailand Masters Games apart from other sporting events is its emphasis on happiness, satisfaction, and the fulfillment of dreams for older athletes from all walks of life. Unlike competitions solely focused on excellence, TOMG provides a unique platform for individuals to pursue their passion for sports without age limitations.

The event witnessed the convergence of renowned personalities from diverse backgrounds who came together to participate in the sports they love. Former Deputy Prime Minister Korn Dabbaransi and Todd-Piti Bhirombhakdi, the influential figure in the Singha camp, competed in badminton with the determination to clinch the championship. Dr. Somsak Chalachon, the famous hairdresser and President of the Thai Hairdressers Association, had the opportunity to experience the thrilling atmosphere of the competition for the first time, vowing to return in the future.

Even retired national team players showcased their enduring fitness and passion for their respective sports. Boonsak Phonsana, known as "Man-Superman," and Prapakamon Sudkhet, fondly called "Tao-Sudkhet," effortlessly displayed their skills on the badminton court. Uncle Si-Manop Kanthawang, the former bouncer hero, triumphed once again in the championship at the age of 60 and above. Pratheep Pankhao, fondly known as the "Mute Rocket," led his team to secure the highly contested football championship.

International participation was also notable, with teams from Australia, China, Vietnam, England, Laos, Hong Kong, and Thailand taking part in the horseshoe smash event, surpassing last year's numbers. However, the most remarkable aspect of the games was witnessing the incredible spirit of Khun Ta Sawang Chanbrahmin, the legendary veteran athlete who, at 104 years old, won multiple gold medals in athletics, becoming a symbol of unwavering dedication and determination.

Wiwat Vikrantanoros, the Secretary-General of the Senior Sports Association of Thailand, expressed his satisfaction with the success of the competition in all aspects. He highlighted the improved understanding of the competition system by athletes, their enhanced physical preparation, and the positive social impact on families and society. The event has not only elevated the standards and potential of Thai elderly athletes but has also contributed to the growth of international senior sports.

Nattawut Rueangwet, the President of the Thai Senior Sports Association, expressed his delight with the overwhelming response and increased popularity of the Thailand Masters Games. The tournament received support from various organizations, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Amazing Thailand, PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited, the Sports Authority of Thailand, the National Sports Development Fund, and the Health Promotion Organization of Thailand. These partnerships are instrumental in promoting sports and improving the country's economic value, aligning with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports' policy.

Looking ahead, the organizers of the Thailand Masters Games are currently evaluating potential host locations for the 5th edition of the event, considering factors such as accommodation, competition venues, and tourist attractions. The decision will be made in the coming months.

As the 4th Thailand Masters Games drew to a close, participants and spectators were left with lasting memories of happiness, friendship, and the spirit of sportsmanship. The event served as a platform for foreign athletes to not only compete but also immerse themselves in Thai culture and traditions. The Thailand Masters Games continues to foster camaraderie and inclusivity, exemplifying its motto, "The Happiness of Friendship." With anticipation building, athletes and sports enthusiasts eagerly await the 5th Thai Open Masters Games next year, eager to create new memories and forge lifelong friendships once again.