The GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee was officially established.

In order to effectively promote the international development of the Sport "Guandan" (Chinese Bridge), the GAWSF Executive Committee officially decided on February 29, 2024 to establish the GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee under the GAWSF Mind Sports Committee.

Professor Zhou Gao, an expert in Guandan culture research, was invited to serve as candidate for chairman of the GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee, and Mr. CHEN Jie, the full-time president of the Suzhou Guandan Association, chairman of Da Zhiteng Commercial Management Co., Ltd., was invited to serve as candidate for secretary-general of the Committee.

After the establishment of the GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee, it plans to hold a series of Guandan events including training, lectures, forums, cultural activities, etc. in Macau, Hong Kong, Boao, Suzhou and other cities in order to widely promote Guandan and its philosophical thoughts, cultural values, humanistic sentiments, scientific rationality, dialectical thinking, overall concept, sense of collaboration and spirit of responsibility. The Guandan movement can help Guandan enthusiasts around the world to improve their card skills, cultivate their sentiments, to improve their character, and temper their style. The GAWSF is considering turning Soochow Intellectual Sports Base into the GAWSF Suzhou Intellectual Sports Base.