DOST, ESWF collaborate to revolutionize Gaming Industry and Digital Sports in the Philippines

On February 19, 2024, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of Philippines Government signed MOU with the eSports World Federation (ESWF) member of the GAWSF, to support the growth and development of the gaming industry and digital sports in Philippines.



The partnership commits to collaborative programs, projects, and activities that support the gaming industry by tapping local talents in the creation and development of digital games and digital sports that support educational, cultural, and S&T-based digital games and digital sports in its sixteen (16) DOST regions and partner LGUs and SUCs, and towards the promotion of the same by jointly organizing events, conferences, seminars, and training programs, and the conduct of yearly regional and national exhibits and competitions.

Moreover, the alliance will implement training programs, workshops, and seminars to equip and nurture aspiring inventors with the necessary skills and knowledge to promote and market Filipino-developed digital games. This is also one of the initiatives of the government to attract foreign investments and foster a vibrant innovation ecosystem within the Philippine gaming sector.

Become a part of ESWF pursuit of Filipino creativity in digital games and esports and help the ESWF revolutionize the Philippine digital sport and gaming industry by creating limitless possibilities for local developers, esports competitors, and other stakeholders.