GAWSF Establishes School Activities Committee and Asia Pacific Martial Arts Committee


In a recent decision by the Executive Committee, the GAWSF has announced the establishment of the School Activities Committee to promote the development of school activities in the fields of education, sports, and scientific research. Additionally, the GAWSF has also created the Asia Pacific Martial Arts Committee to further the growth of combat sports in the Asia Pacific region.

School activities have long been recognised as crucial in nurturing the holistic development of young individuals, with sports, education, and scientific research playing vital roles within this realm. With the aim of advancing campus activities, the GAWSF has approved the formation of the School Activities Committee. This committee is dedicated to driving widespread engagement in sports, education, scientific research, and other related fields on a global scale. By providing resources, organising events, and facilitating training for teachers and students, the School Activities Committee will create more opportunities for schools worldwide, promoting diversity and enhancing the quality of school activities.



Simultaneously, to foster the growth of combat sports in the Asia Pacific region, the GAWSF has established the Asia Pacific Martial Arts Committee under the original Martial Arts Committee. The Asia Pacific region boasts a significant number of enthusiasts and accomplished athletes in disciplines such as boxing, judo, and various martial arts. The committee will focus on popularising combat sports, elevating the skill levels of athletes, and organising high-level competitions. Through training programs, competitions, seminars, and promotional activities, the committee will create more opportunities and provide a better platform for martial arts enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific region to develop their skills and talents.

The GAWSF firmly believes that the establishment of the School Activities  Committee and the Asia Pacific Martial Arts Committee will have a positive and profound impact on school activities and the development of combat sports in the region. This initiative will provide more people with opportunities to participate in combat sports, stimulate comprehensive growth in campus activities, and nurture a new generation of exceptional athletes and talents.