Successful Completion of Construction Project at WSU's College of International Sports Industry Signals Exciting Phase Ahead

GAWSF News: 2 November, 2023

The construction project for the ten buildings within the campus of the College of International Sports Industry at the World Sports University (WSU), a higher education institution under the General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF), has recently reached its successful completion. Situated in the vibrant University City of Changqing District, Jinan City, the campus showcases remarkable progress, executed with meticulous attention to detail. The upcoming phases of the project, including the landscaping, interior decoration, and square layout, are scheduled to commence soon.

To assess the progress of this noteworthy construction endeavor, Professor Che Kuong Hon, esteemed President of both the GAWSF and the WSU, led an inspection tour. Accompanying him were Professor Ma Wencai, the General Secretary of GAWSF, Mr. Yang Yanjun, Vice Chairman of GAWSF, Professor Zhang Quan from the WSU Academic Committee, and prominent leaders from Zhongz Donsun Better Group. During the visit, fruitful and congenial discussions took place with Mr. Qin Xu, Chairman of Zhongz Donsun Better Group, the cooperative partner, and the esteemed leaders of Qilu University of Technology/Shandong Academy of Sciences. The discussions centered on exploring innovative approaches to propel the development of the sports industry in Jinan and envisioning the future prospects and collaboration models for the WSU College of International Sports Industry and the International Sports Science Park.

Expressing his optimism, Professor Che Kuong Hon affirmed that the WSU College of International Sports Industry is poised to commence official operations and enrollment in the first half of 2024. Furthermore, preparations are underway to jointly organize an esteemed international summit forum with Qilu University of Technology/Shandong Academy of Sciences. Additionally, in a bid to revive the international sports training activities that were temporarily halted due to the pandemic, plans are being finalized to resume these valuable programs.