Official launch of the World Cup Hapkido 2022

GAAPSF News: 2022-07-6

The World Cup Hapkido 2022 organised joinly by the World Hapkido Council and the Pan American Council Hapkido, and co-organised by the GAAPSF will take place in Coliseo Coacha, Condinamarca - Colombia on 25th to 27th, November, 2022. 

On June 25, the ceremony of official launch of the World Cup Hapkido took place in Soacha, the Mayor of the City of Soacha, Dr. Juan Carlos Saldarriaga who is also honorary member of the Pan-American Hapkido Council presided the ceremony and granted special recognition to Dr. Edgar Cárdenas and to the Municipal Institute of Recreation and Sports of Soacha - IMRDS for their effort and contribution.