2nd Thailand Open Masters Games Press Conference took place on December 22, 2021

GAAPSF news - 2021-12-23 

The 2nd Thailand Open Masters Games Press Conference took place today in Bangkok. Thailand Master Games Association, with other 14 sport associations, announced the readiness for the 2nd Thailand Open Master Games at Songkhla, to promote international standard for senior master games.

Maj.Gen.Charouck Arirachakarran, president of Thailand Masters Association and chairman of Thailand Open Master Games, as the president of the press conference for the 2nd Master Games event with Mr.Jessada Jitrat, governor of Songkhla province, Mr. Visanu Laichapit, deputy governor of General Administration, SAT, DR. Pairoj Saonuam, assistant manager of Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), Mr. Wiwat Wikrantanorot, advisor of Master Games broad committee and Mr. Sugree Supawarikul, president of public-relation, together with athletes and sport personnel from 14 sport associations.

Thailand Open Master Games, initiated with the collaboration between Thailand Master Games Association and other 14 sport associations, recognised by GAAPSF, with a goal to carry on the mission of national and international senior game development project, as well as to improve and enhance the performance of Thai senior athletes, promote sport industry for social and economic value.

With the press release for the readiness of 2nd Thailand Open Master Games at Songkhla, the statement included the preparation for the sport venue, accommodation, transportation, and the health and safety measures to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, with the cooperation from all staffs and officers in Songkhla to prepare for the event. Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) as a sponsor of the event, foresaw the importance of sport and exercising to promote the physical activities for Thai community, especially for senior and elder group. The Thailand Open a new environment and provide opportunities for senior citizen to exercise and get a healthy life, as well as promote sport activities in every generation starting from today.