Mr. Sugree SUPAWARIKUL appointed as representative of GAAPSF & WSU in Thailand


Mr. Sugree SUPAWARIKUL, Deputy Director of TV Station for Sports and Tourism "T-Sports7" of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Thailand, Chairman of the World Institute of Sports Development and Organization Management (WISDOM), General Secretary of Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (ABBF), was appointed today by the Executive Committee of the General Association of Asia (GAAPSF), as EC member and Representative of the Office of GAAPSF and World Sports University (WSU) in Thailand.

泰国体育与旅游部开办的 “T-Sports7” 体育与旅游电视台副台长、世界体育发展与组织管理研究所(WISDOM)主席、亚洲健美联合会(ABBF)秘书长 Sugree Supawarikul 先生今天获亚太体育总会 (GAAPSF) 执行委员会任命为执委及亚太体育总会(GAAPSF)及世界体育大学 (WSU) 驻泰国办事处代表。


The Office of the GAAPSF and of the WSU in Thailand and the International Training Center had been established, the office is located at 573 Chatkaew Village, Happyland Road, Klongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand.

亚太体育总会和世界体育大学在泰国的办事处及 GAAPSF 国际培训中心正式成立,办事处设于泰国曼谷市 573 Chatkaew Village, Happyland Road, Klongchan, Bangkapi。





Through the establishment of an office and training center in Thailand, the GeneralAssociation of Asia Pacific Sports Federations and the World Sports University willcooperate with Thai higher education institutions to jointly organize different courses and trainings for Thai students.