APEG Asia Pacific E-Sports Games 2021 - Hainan · King of Glory Challenge, who will be the strongest king!


A peak showdown about the King; a peak battle about Honor, the APEG Asia Pacific E-Sports 2021 - Hainan · Glory of the King Challenge" took place in Haikou on 24th and 25th September, 2021.





From September 24th to 25th, under the guidance of Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Department, organized by Heyi Entertainment, Jiadian Future, "Men's Wear", "Bazaar Men", co-sponsored by Riyue Plaza and cooperated by the E-Sports Committee of the GAAPSF, "GET E-Sports Fashion" and "Planet Carnival" open the door of the planet in Haikou Riyue Square and started a 48-hour migration journey with the people on the earth.




The E-Sports arena at the center of the planet is a place where talented E-Sports players shine. On September 24th, Asia Pacific E-sports Games started here with the "APEG Hainan Event · Glory Challenge of Kings" on stage. On the G.E.T main stage, let us experience the precise operation of professional players, the domineering atmosphere and the carnival boiling of the audience at close range.


位于星球中心的电竞大舞台,是天才的电竞选手们闪耀的地方。9月24日,亚太电竞在这里,将会上演 “APEG海南站·王者荣耀挑战赛”。在G.E.T主舞台,让我们近距离感受专业选手的精准操作、霸气气场与观众席的狂欢沸腾。



Whether you are the strongest king or a new bronze, as long as you have a dream of gaming, here is your main battlefield!




Archer, Assassin, Mage, Tank, Warrior King Moment, in the decisive battle, who is the strongest King?




The battle of the pinnacle started here! Bronze or King? You will know when you come out to practice!