New International Partner

GAAPSF News on April 19, 2020: The General Association of Asia-Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF) signed a cooperation agreement yesterday with the International Sport Network Organization (ISNO), both parties became international partners and will work together for the development of international sport activities in the World.


ISNO is an international sports organization with 27 international sports federations, 4 continental sports federations, 31 national sports federations and 10 club members affiliated to it. All members of ISNO will automatically and simultaneously become also members of the General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF), therefore the number of members of the GAAPSF will increase to over 120. In addition, the higher education institutions under the GAAPSF, the World Sports University (WSU), also signed cooperative agreement with the International Sports Organization (ISO) and the European Sports Academy (SA) to promote and develop together higher education courses and provide professional certification courses for international sports enthusiasts, including athletes and coaches.