The GAWSF is committed to promoting excellence in physical education, sports science, and athletic training programs globally. To achieve this, GAWSF has established a comprehensive accreditation process that validates the quality and standards of academic institutions in these fields.

The GAWSF accreditation process is designed to ensure the highest quality of physical education, sports science, and athletic training programs globally. By achieving GAWSF accreditation, institutions demonstrate their commitment to excellence and their ability to prepare students for successful careers in the sports industry.

Accreditation Process

Eligibility and Application

Institutions offering undergraduate and/or postgraduate programs in physical
education, sports science, and athletic training are eligible to apply for GAWSF

Self-Study and Documentation Submission

The applicant institution will conduct a comprehensive self-study, addressing the
GAWSF accreditation standards and compiling the required documentation.

Desk Review

The GAWSF Accreditation Office will assemble a team of peer reviewers to conduct a thorough desk review of the submitted materials.

Accreditation Decision

The Accreditation Commission will review the recommendations and make the final
accreditation decision.

Accreditation Notification and Award

Institutions that successfully meet the GAWSF accreditation standards will be awarded the GAWSF Accreditation Certificate.

Ongoing Monitoring

Accredited institutions will be required to submit annual progress reports and updates to the GAWSF Accreditation Office.

Accreditation Standards

The GAWSF accreditation standards are organized into six key areas:

1. Institutional Mission and Governance
2. Curriculum and Instruction
3. Faculty and Staff
4. Student Support Services
5. Facilities and Resources
6. Continuous Improvement and Outcomes Assessment


The GAWSF accreditation process involves a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant institutions compliance with the standards.

Detailed information on each step of the process is provided in the GAWSF Accreditation Guidelines.


Detailed information on the specific requirements and documentation needed for each standard after the initial application can be found in the GAWSF Accreditation Standards Manual.