April 21, 2021


General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations

Global sports events affected by new coronavirus epidemic, Tokyo could become a city with two Olympic Games cancelled 新冠状病毒疫情下全球体育活动受影响,东京可能成为两届取消奥运会的城市

Global sports events affected by new coronavirus epidemic, Tokyo could become a city with two Olympic Games cancelled 新冠状病毒疫情下全球体育活动受影响,东京可能成为两届取消奥运会的城市

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On the evening of 11th Geneva time, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially announced that the outbreak of the New Coronavirus epidemic had become a global “Pandemic”. The data released by the WHO today showed that the new crown virus epidemic has swept through at least 114 countries and regions, causing more than 118,000 infections and more than 4,000 deaths.


All sports activities had been affected by the New Coronavirus epidemic, NBA has postponed the season, but they did after the NCAA announced that the Final Four March Madness Tournament would be played in empty arenas. The National Hockey League San Jose sharks and the NB Golden State Warriors both announced that they will not be playing their upcoming home games with fans in attendance, IJF and JUA suspended all olympic qualification Judo events, WBPF and ABBF cancelled or postponed their important international bodybuilding events.

世界上所有体育活动均受到新冠状病毒流行的影响,在NCAA宣布将在空旷的运动场举行最后的三月四日疯狂锦标赛之后,NBA终于宣布推迟了该赛季。 全国曲棍球联盟圣何塞鲨鱼和NB金州勇士队都宣布,他们将不参加即将到来的球迷主场比赛;IJF暂停了所有奥运会资格柔道比赛;世界健美健身联合会暂停或延后了各项国际重要赛事。

Although the Tokyo Marathon in Japan did not cancel the event, but the Volkswagen Group was cancelled. More than 37,500 Volkswagen Marathon runners missed the Tokyo Marathon, leaving only 200 elites. J-League officials also stated that according to the progress of the situation, J-League may also be postponed or held in empty city, but in order to ensure the smooth holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games, all the matches so far will be played according to the original schedule.


The most concerned is the upcoming Tokyo Olympics on July 24th. Although the official attitude of Japan is firm, but 60% of the Japanese people call for the “cancel the Olympics”. Whether the world’s largest sports event will be held on schedule requires further observation. Everybody knows about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but few people knew that the 18th Olympic Games in 1964 was not the first Olympic Games hosted by Japan. As early as 1936, Tokyo once obtained the right to host the Twelfth Olympic Games, but it was cancelled due to the Sino-Japanese War. If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled, the Tokyo Olympics may become the first Olympic Games affected by the epidemic in the history of the Olympics, and Tokyo will also be the city where the two Olympic Games are cancelled.

最受关注的是即将于7月24日开幕的东京奥运会,虽然日本官方态度坚决,但六成日本民众呼吁“取消奥运”,世界最大的体坛盛会能否如期举行需要进一步观察,世人都知道1964年的东京奥运会, 可是很少有人知道,1964年的第十八届奥运会其实并不是日本举办的最初一届奥运会。早在1936年,东京曾一度取得了第十二届奥运会的主办权,后因中日战争的原因取消。如果疫情无法有效控制,东京奥运会可能会成为奥运历史上首届被疫情影响的奥运会,东京也将成为两届奥运会取消的城市。

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