June 24, 2021


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Four measures of NBA to fight the epidemic NBA 四项举措对抗疫情

Four measures of NBA to fight the epidemic NBA 四项举措对抗疫情

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Although many players in the NBA have been confirmed to be infected with new Coronavirus, such as the Nets Durant, Jazz Highball and Celtic Schmatt, but the NBA still hopes to maintain the season and playoffs till the last minute.

虽然 NBA已有不少球员证实感染新冠肺炎,如篮网杜兰特、爵士高拔及塞尔特人施马特等,但据悉,NBA仍希望能保全赛季,不到最后一刻也不会取消季后赛。

New coronavirus spreads around the world, major sports events are basically suspended or postponed indefinitely. Of course, the NBA cannot stand alone. Since many players have been confirmed infected, causing therefore problems even in their regular season.


Due to the spread of the epidemic, which is still uncontrolled in European and United States, the NBA is facing a difficult decision to cut the season or even cancel the playoffs. The NBA Alliance announced four major measures: First, the new coronavirus page was launched on their official website to update the epidemic situation and introduce relevant epidemic prevention measures. Second, call on players, fans and the general public to show solidarity in social media via #NBATogether. Third, expand the care circle and, under the principle of reducing social contact, encourage fans to contact with each other in a virtual way to improve their physical and mental health, and at the same time let young fans strengthen basketball skills through digital teaching. Fourth, conduct live webcasts and invite NBA members to interact online with fans.

由于疫情逐渐蔓延,在欧洲各国及美国等仍未受控,NBA 随时面临腰斩赛季、甚至是取消季后赛的重大决定。 NBA 联盟则公布四大方针,一,在官网推出新冠肺炎专区,更新疫情进展及介绍相关防疫措施。二,号召球员、球迷与大众透过#NBA Together 于社群媒体展现团结精神。三,拓展关怀圈,在减少社交接触的原则下,鼓励球迷以虚拟方式联系彼此,增进身心健康,同时透过数码教学让年轻球迷加强篮球技术。四,进行网上直播,邀请 NBA 成员与球迷进行网上互动。

In order to avoid the cancellation of the season, the NBA is considering various plans to allow the playoffs to be held smoothly, the seven-game four-win system may be will change to a single elimination system to avoid a direct cancellation of the season. If the season is cancelled, it means that the NBA will face heavy losses.

为避免赛季取消,NBA 正考虑各种方案,让季后赛能顺利举行,或将七场四胜制改为单淘汰制,避免赛季直接取消。倘取消赛季,意味NBA面临惨重损失。

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