November 30, 2020


General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations

E-Sports Committee 电竞

E-Sports Committee 电子竞技运动委员会

The Asia-Pacific Electronic Sports Commission (APESC) was officially established in September 2015. It aims to promote the popularization of various kinds of electronic sports, organize regional and international electronic sports events, and organize national and regional popularization of standards, science, technology, culture and personnel training in the field of electronic sports. To promote the healthy and healthy development of E-sports in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide.
The Asia-Pacific E-Sports Center is a multi-functional carrier of E-Sports, which is based on the Asia-Pacific E-Sports Committee and integrates competition and performance, scientific and technological innovation, competitive sports, leisure sports, forum activities, education and training. Our center links up top game developers, enriches network platforms, matches international electric sports venues and leisure sports centers, and is stationed in authoritative sports brand competitions and audio-visual carnivals, realizing the gathering of electric sports industry and entrepreneurship, leading the diversified development path of combining electronic sports with digital entertainment, creating local business cards and enabling. High-tech industry promotes the integration and development of public sports and e-sports industry.

亚太电子竞技运动委员会(简称 APESC)于2015年9月正式成立,旨在开展各类电子竞技运动的普及活动,举办区域性、国际性电子竞技运动赛事,组织各国家和地区关于电子竞技运动领域的标准制定、科技文化、人才培养等方面的普及推广,推动电子竞技运动在亚太地区及世界范围内健康良性发展。 亚太电子竞技运动中心是依托于亚太电子竞技运动委员会,集赛事演艺、科技创新、竞技体育、休闲运动、论坛活动、教育培训于一体的电子竞技多功能载体。本中心联动顶级游戏开发商、丰富网络平台,配套国际电竞场馆、休闲运动中心,入驻权威体育品牌赛事、影音嘉年华,实现电竞产业集聚、创业集聚,引领电子竞技与数字娱乐相结合的多元化发展道路,打造地方名片,赋能高新技术产业,推动公众体育事业与电竞产业融合发展。