June 24, 2021


General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations

(COVID-19) cannot stop the development of the GAAPSF 新冠毒病阻不了亚太体育总会的发展

(COVID-19) cannot stop the development of the GAAPSF 新冠毒病阻不了亚太体育总会的发展

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The new coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic cannot stop the development of international sports organizations. 

新型冠狀病毒病 (COVID-19)疫情阻不了国际体育组织的发展。

The number of international partners and members of the General Association of Asia-Pacific Sports Federation (GAAPSF) has greatly increased to:
18 international partners;
43 international members;
18 continental members;
65 national / regional members;
15 club members.
Our activities will be fully carried out after the epidemic! 
The World Sports University (WSU) had also developed 12 education partners. 
In addition, many international cooperation agreements are under negotiation. 

亚太体育联合会总会(GAAPSF) 的国际合作伙伴及会员数目大增,目前有:
国际合作伙伴 18 个;
国际组织会员 43个;
世界体育大学(WSU)的教育合作伙伴12個。 另外還有不少国际组织在商讨合作协议。

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