June 24, 2021


General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations

How to become a member 如何成为会员

Please fill in the below application form and send it to us (gaapsf@yahoo.com  & chelucky@macau.ctm.net) together with a brief introduction of your federation and activities, and the list of actual governing body of your federation.  After received your application we will discuss in an EC meeting, you will get our reply as soon as any deliberation is made by the EC.

请填写以下申请表,并联同贵会的简要介绍和活动信息,以及现管理架构列表,一并发回给我们(邮箱:gaapsf@yahoo.com chelucky@macau.ctm.net)。 收到您的申请后,我们将会在执委会会议上讨论,执委会作出任何议决后,我们将会即时回复你。